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Restore via NMC: Choose a location

Hi All

First Question:

When I perform a Restore via NMC Restore Wizard and Choose "Choose a location", then Protection Manager build the entire original Path under the selected Location.


Original Location


Selected Location


File Location after Restore


I expect (and would prefer) following Location :


Is this working by design or can I set a Option, where the RestoreJob restore the File directly under my selected Folder (eg. vfiler:/volume/qtree/user/Restore/test.txt) without the entire original Path.

Second Question:

In The Step "Restore Path" inside the Restore Wizard I can Browsing only till the qtree. All Folders under the Qtree I have to enter manually... Is that a normal behaviour?

TIA for your help



Re: Restore via NMC: Choose a location

Hi Thomas,

     Response to your 1st Question:

Its working as expected. The behavior you are expecting is coming in version 5.1. If  you would like to take a sneak peak pls signup for the BETA. Below is the link to the same.

Welcome to OnCommand 5.1 BETA Program

The exact requirement is met there "Eliminate the requirement to include original directory path when restoring to an alternate location"

Response to your 2nd Question:

Yes, as you know in dfm we only discover NetApp Storage objects and not directories. And yes you will have to manually enter your location if you want to restore in directory inside a qtree.



Re: Restore via NMC: Choose a location

Hi Adai

Thanks for the quick response... I will signup for the Beta Program..