Restricted User for Protection Manager?

Hi Team,

what are the capabilities a restricted User needs to have to do restores of a special group with nodes and hosts created in Ops Manager.

A customer of mine is using:

Ops Manager 4.0.0 6953 => 4.0 I think.

Management Console 3.0

He created a special group in Ops Manager and added several nodes and hosts (OSSV).

Now he wants to create a user who can only do restores of this special group.

I know that there is a possibility in doing so using the Ops Manager roles.

If I create a role with special capabilities I was wondering which of these it should be.

The user should have access to the management console to do restores of the nodes and hosts residing in the special group.

Not more.

Can you tell me which steps are necessary and which cababilities I should choose?

I attached a picture of a role I created, but the results are not as they should be.

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Re: Restricted User for Protection Manager?

Having  the roles you listed will allow, you do backup and restore but for all host in your dfm.

But if you want to restrict it to a specify group create a role with the capabilities that a global backup and global restore have on the group you want.