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SANscreen v6.1; full datacenter topology view

Hi John again,

When I launch the SANscreen, the topology icon window below the client shows the complete map of data center. This is a very attractive connectivity to track my lab environment.

But I was not able to find this, or do this any where, I could zoom to see VM Hosts, but how do you get this view??

Hope to get back very soon. Thanks again for viewing the post and trying to answer. Have a wonderful day.


John Jr.


Re: SANscreen v6.1; full datacenter topology view

If that is a complete map of the data center, you have a small datacenter. ; - )

As a general rule, SANscreen does not do full topologies - its topologies are path/host based.

The workaround is if you right click a host, choose analyze performance, and go to the topology tab in the ensuing window. You can right click assets in the topology, and choose Add All Connected Devices.

Even in a small environment, this can get messy quickly. Edit - hmmm, having trouble inserting a lab screenshot

SANscreen v6.1; full datacenter topology view

That just worked like a magic

though i'm getting a feeling that my datacenter is not in a good shape, need to do it more organized to look more good with colors

Thanks for the joy.


John Jr.