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SCOM 2012 OnCommand Management Pack - Moving OpsManager DB



We are running SCOM 2012 R2.  I am migrating the OperationsManager database to another server.  I will be backing up and restoring the OperationsManager and OCPMDB database to the new server.  Other than the necessary changes for the OperationsManager DB (article below), is there anything special I need to do for the OCPMDB?


Migrating SCOM OperationsManager DB (http://www.itbl0b.com/2012/12/move-scom-2012-database-to-another-server.html#.VkUX8narS72).


A quick/seperate question.  Has anybody used a SQL alias on the management servers that is not in DNS with success?

Thank you




Re: SCOM 2012 OnCommand Management Pack - Moving OpsMaanager DB



i don't have the answer, but i want ot ask a question:

do you acteully see the DB in the CheckSettings command?

The MP fully working for me, i even upgraded it a month ago - but i can't find the DB! (i found one instance that is offline for a year)



PS C:\Users\<>> Debug-OCHost -CheckSettings
SCOM Clustered Data ONTAP storage discovery        : Not installed
SCOM Clustered Data ONTAP virtualization discovery : Not installed
SCOM 7-mode Data ONTAP storage discovery           : Enabled
SCOM 7-mode Data ONTAP virtualization discovery    : Not installed
OCPM VIM service status                            : Running
OCPM VIM service port number                       : 808
OCPM WMI provider status                           : OK
Remote Registry status                             : Configured
Remote powershell status                           : Enabled
Firewall settings                                  : Not Configured
Multipath I/O                                      : Disabled
Data ONTAP DSM                                     : Not Configured
Microsoft DSM                                      : Not Configured
OCPM SQL server instance                           : Not Available
OCPM SQL server port                               : Not Available

PS C:\Users\<>> Debug-OCHost -CheckVersion ALL
OCPM Version                  : 4.1.1
OCPM Build Number             : 2
Powershell Version            : 3.0
.NET Versions                 : .NET 4.5 Full, .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1
Operating System Version      : Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
SCOM Version                  : System Center Operations Manager 2012 Server
SCOM Version Number           : 7.1.10226.0
Is SCOM Management Server     : True
SCVMM Version                 : Not installed
Is SCVMM Server               : False
Is SCO 2012 Management Server : False
Is SCO 2012 Runbook Server    : False


Re: SCOM 2012 OnCommand Management Pack - Moving OpsMaanager DB

Yes, I do see the database instance and port

Re: SCOM 2012 OnCommand Management Pack - Moving OpsMaanager DB



My SQL Server instance and port is also not available...do you have any solutions on this?





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i was digging around that for a good day. (including packet traces and search in our DBs).. The only place I see the credential interface going to is operation manager DB. (it also has a table for credential there) I guess it’s some sort of miss documentation of their using this DB for it.



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Ok thanks Gidi,


so in this case it has no impact on functionallity of the MP?


I can't get this thing to run, all my volumes etc just aren't monitored...

Do you have anything what can help me out of this mess?


thanks in advance!



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don't think in specific. maybe worth opening another thread with full details just in case it's not related to the DB. as mine is "working" (well it's NetApp -  nothing really fully working).


Not sure what you means for not monitoring. Is it discovered but not changing status?

The way their SCOM monitors works is by monitoring alerts created in Windows event log called “oncommand”. You can see if the relevant alert is created there. 



Re: SCOM 2012 OnCommand Management Pack - Moving OpsMaanager DB

Hello Gidi,


Yes all volumes have been discovered, but the view of this MP is not working so I created a second view (so I can see them).

Problem is: all of them show up healthy, but most of them are 95% full and have not enough free space remaining....


Also no events on this in oncommand event viewer.


greeting Matt