Accepted Solution


The installation guide for OC Plugin for Microsoft (SCOM plugin) says:

"Using OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft, you can enable Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor the state of the Microsoft Operations Manager servers. "

I'm guessing this should be the "Netapp Operations Manager servers" (or nowadays "NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager servers") because the instruction below says: "From the Actions > Data ONTAP Controller Tasks pane, select Manage Data ONTAP DFM Servers."?

OK so my real question is what kind of monitoring that is?

Will SCOM just monitor the dfm services?

Or will SCOM be able to alert if there's a lag warning on a protected dataset or any other events that would happen inside DFM?



Documentation change has been triggered.

And the answer to my question is only the dfm services will be monitored.