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SFP on FAS2020


I  have a FAS2020 and my server are QLE2460 FC card, in my QLE2460 they  are a LC connector, but in my FAS2020 they are not SFP, i'm haven't a  switch.

SFP  are not provided with FAS2020 ? what  should I buy it  exactly ?


Re: SFP on FAS2020

A FAS2020 should have 2-4 ports of

1,2,or 4 Gb/s FC interfaces depending on if your configuration is single or dual controller.

It should be LC as well, but I believe you would not need to actually purchase an SFP seperately, it should come with it -- did you check?

Re: SFP on FAS2020

Is dual controller

they are 4 4gb connection ?

No, with my FAS2020 they are nor SFP

Re: SFP on FAS2020

Do you have FC License along with the Bundle ?

Re: SFP on FAS2020

I have :













FCP licence is FC ?

Re: SFP on FAS2020


Yes FC means FCP only.

By any chance you have FC Host Attach Kits as well. I don't think without it you will get SFP's unless they are separately configured with Disk Shelf.



Re: SFP on FAS2020


i'm sorry my english is so bad

SFP is not included with FAS2020 ?

Re: SFP on FAS2020

FAS 2020 has 2 FC ports ,further information on this please check this link http://now.netapp.com/NOW/public/knowledge/docs/hardware/filer/210-03961.pdf



Re: SFP on FAS2020

Yes it's ok, but i'm haven't switch, if i have a switch I use SFP cable to controller to switch ? it's ok ?

but i connect directly controller to server, but server have LC port

Re: SFP on FAS2020

Do you intend to say that you want to connect the FAS 2020 direc

tly to the server ??,i think that should be possible ,but you might require SFP on the FAS 2020 to do the FC connection.