SME and OnCommand System Manager SnapMirror

First off I just want to say I really like the new OnCommand System Manager.  It is a great single pain to do all of my core work. 

I am trying to get my SnapManager for Exchange 2010 stuff going and want to replicate those snapshots off to another filer.  I realize you can do this with protection manager but it is a bit of a pain.  After seeing SnapMirror in the new System Manager I set up the source and destination and created the SnapMirror relationship.  Then I went back into the SME configuration wizard to configure the dataset for backup archival and it doesn't see the snapmirror relationship I just created.  What are my options?  Do I have to do this through protection manager??



SME and OnCommand System Manager SnapMirror

I think I have found the answer to my own question.  You have to import the External Relationship inside Protection Manager.  I wish Protection Manager didn't have to be involved with the process at all but that seems to be the way it is for now.