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Hi there,

IHAC running SMO on linux and OPS/PRT mgr on windows.

They want protection configured in their profile as listed in the profile below.

I wonder what the perquisites are in terms of authentication, as the windows machine and the linux box are not in the same authentication domain?


[oracle@rac12 ~]$ smo profile show -profile RBASE_PR2
Profile name: RBASE_PR2
Comment: Profile for RAC database Rbase
Target database:
  Database name: rbase
  SID: rbase2
  Host: rac12
  Port: 1521
  Username: sys
  Password: ********
  Database name: catbase.nltestlab.hq.netapp.com
  SID: catbase.nltestlab.hq.netapp.com
  Host: mns-dfm1.nltestlab.hq.netapp.com
  Port: 1521
  Username: smouser
  Password: ********
  Use RMAN via recovery catalog
  TNS Name: catbase
  Username: rcat
  Password: ********
Oracle user account: oracle
Oracle user group: dba
Snapshot Naming:
  Pattern: smo_{profile}_{db-sid}_{scope}_{mode}_{smid}
  Example: smo_rbase_pr2_rbase2_f_h_1_8abc01e915a55ac50115a55acc8d0001_0
  Dataset: smo_rac12_rbase
  Protection policy: Back up
  Conformance status: CONFORMANT

Local backups to retain:
  Hourly: 24 hour(s) or 4 copies
  Daily: 7 day(s)
  Weekly: 4 week(s)
  Monthly: 12 month(s)


C:\Users\administrator.HVHLAB>dfm user  list

Id    Administrator          Email                    Pager

----- ---------------------- ------------------------ ------------------------

29    Everyone

2542  HVH-DFM01\sd-user

2047  HVHLAB\administrator

2656  rac12\oracle

I tried to use "sd-user", added this user to DFM and used in the snapdrive config, but got access denied to the volumes having the database files.

C:\Users\administrator.HVHLAB>dfm user role list sd-user

Role Id Role Name

------- -------------------------

28      GlobalFullControl

C:\Users\administrator.HVHLAB>dfm user role list rac12\oracle

Role Id Role Name

------- -------------------------

28      GlobalFullControl

[root@rac12 snapdrive]# snapdrive config list

username    appliance name                           appliance type


root        vmware-filer01.nltestlab.hq.netapp.com   StorageSystem

sd-user                             DFM

However after checking the logs I added the dfm administrator "rac12\oracle" result; it seems to work (did not check all variations yet).

I actually think there needs to be a common authentication scheme (LDAP or bringing the Linux Oracle Servers in Active Directory) in order to make this work, is that correct? Anny comments from your side would be appreciated since I'm digging around is this for quite some time.

What is required to make this work?




Just came through this post, are you still facing issues? or is it solved?

If not, can you plz let us know which DFM version are you using?

LDAP could be one of the options for multi-domain users.