SMSQL & Prot Mgr for both backup and mirroring

When I first installed SMSQL it asked about using Prot Mgr. I told it to use Prot Mgr for backup/archive.  Now I'd like to also configure SMSQL to use Prot Mgr also for mirroring.

Is there a way to have SMSQL/Prot Mgr do both?  In Prot Mgr I only see the 1 dataset that was automatically created.

Re: SMSQL & Prot Mgr for both backup and mirroring

Hi Andrew,

At the moment SMSQL's integration with PM only supports SnapVault relationships or "Remote Backups". So there is no way you can use PM to get SnapMirroring done from SMSQL. This can be done directly through SMSQL backup plans themsleves (as you may already be aware of). The only point is that you'll have to create the SnapMirror relationships manually.



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