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SRM Agent password trouble

I was able to fix this months ago but now i cannot remember.  The SRM hosts are all windows 2003, all patched and current.

Is there a way to reset the password on the agent hosts?

is there a default password?

any hints and advise will be helpful

Customer Situation

when I go to the address for the host agent and click Edit Settings, I can put in the password I want to use in the Management API password field, but the website immediately asks me for a login/password via a new dialogue window and the admin/password combination doesn’t work, so I end up hitting Cancel and the password doesn’t seem to be set.  The SRM server cannot communicate with the agent and I get an error stating so in the Diagnose Connectivity screen.

Diagnostics   - srmagent-rtp-01.qualcomm.com

14 Jul 18:02


Network   Connectivity

IP   Address


(discovery   disabled)

DNS   Aliases


DNS   Addresses

ICMP   Echo



NormalPassed (64 ms)

Host   Agent Connect


Host   Agent Login

ErrorFailed (Access   denied to user admin.)


Re: SRM Agent password trouble

The user name and password prompted in the dialogue box is that of the windows box on which the host agent is installed.



Re: SRM Agent password trouble

I ended up modifying /opt/NTAPagent/ntap_agent.cfg on the agent host and adding the Admin-Password= field with the entry from an existing agent host that was working.