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SRM path walking

I created a FSRM path to walk a client disk (lets say  clientA:c:\  )

Now when running reports there are a couple of specific directories that I'd like to get reports on (say  c:\windows and c:\data)

I can't find a way to get a report on just those directories.  However if I add more paths on the same host  (say clientA:c:\windows and clientA:c:\data) then I am able to generate reports on just those directories. 

The drawback is that I can't generate a report until that particular path is walked.   And I don't want to have to walk the same filesystem multiple times just to generate different reports on subsets of the same data.

Any ideas on how I can do this? 



Re: SRM path walking

HI Andrew Kutner

Your requirement is similar to the one mentioned in the below link.


I'd suggest the same solution for your needs too

Let me know if that helps.



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Re: SRM path walking

Hi Andrew Kutner

Alternatively, you can also create a custom report with base catalog as 'SRMFile' and add the fields

'SRM File Name', 'SRM File Path(A)' and other fields.

Run the report using the command 'dfm report view <customer_report_name> <fsrm_path_id>,

you'll get a list of all the file info collected by DFM. From this list, you can filter for the required directories to get what you want.


Prasad S