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Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

I recently setup the Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard, life was good and reporting was scheduled.  I then made a change to where my scripts directory would be stored (dfm datastore setup -s "d:\dmf_scripts") and now I can't get the script to run.

Whether run manually or by schedule, the status reports as 'errors'...following the error and selecting the 'output' link, i see 'This job did not generate any output.'.

Diving a little deeper, i checked out the DFM\Logs\error.txt file and found a messages that seem to be indicating what's could be causing the issue:

File does not exist: C:/Program Files/NetApp/DataFabric Manager/DFM/web/Contents, referer: https://dfmserver:8443/dashboard.html

Looking at the script options it would appear that I’ve set these correctly....

C:\>dfm script list
ID   Script Name                                        Version
---- -------------------------------------------------- ----------
36312 Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard            1.0.0
27299 Volume Inode Usage Report                          1.0.0

C:\>dfm script options list
Option          Value
--------------- ------------------------------
scriptDir       d:\dfm_scripts

I've since re-run 'dfm datastore setup -s' pointing back to the local disk and it works just fine. I’m trying to move everything from the local disk to my lun (d:\)....any thoughts as to what i can do to get this to work?




Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

Hello Scott,

I think the problem is in Appache Web Server.

When you move everithyng to drive D using command dfm "datastore setup -s" you should change this file "C:\Program Files\NetApp\DataFabric\DFM\conf\httpd.conf".

First of all make a backup of this file.

All options(like "ServerRoot", "DocumentRoot", "Directory") contain this vaule "C:/Program Files/NetApp/DataFabric/DFM"must be changed to new value "D:\...\DFM"

and restart web server "net stop DFMApache && net start DFM Apache"

Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

Hi Scott

It’s just due to your previous problem of datastore setup.

Resolve that this should work fine.



Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

Hi Scott,

I had the very same problem (http://communities.netapp.com/message/23053#23053).

I'm still the opinioin that this is a bug of the script plugin, not a configuration issue.

I also moved the DFM DB and all related stuff (including script plugins) to a seperate lun D:\ and kept all binaries on C:\

This way it's very easy to backup up the important stuff (snapshot-based backup of D:\) and leave the static stuff alone (to be able to just re-install it on any machine if needed).

For me the one and only correct behavior would be the script evaluating the values from the httpd.conf file to determine where the \web directory is actually located. Currently this seems to be hard coded to "..\..\web" which is definitely the wrong place in your and my configuration.

I also doubt that editing the httpd.conf file would help in the long run. I don't have evidence but I'd assume that this file will get overwritten during the next DFM update and state the original values again.

Guys, please just fix the script. That's the only "right" way.

Regards, Niels

Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

HI Niels,

The issue has already been fixed. All that is pending is posting the

latest binaries to NOW.

  • Ranganath

Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

Thanks Ranganath for the quick info.

I'm looking forward to using the new version.

regards, Niels

Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

After encountering this same issue, I tried re-downloading the Efficiency Dashboard from the NOW site.  The script is still version 1.0.0 and the problem still exists.  Its been 6 months since it was stated that this problem was fixed. Can we get this fixed version released on the NOW site? 

Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

The process got stringent, that its taking time will see what's the status on the same.



Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

I am having the same issue, installing in OnCommand 5.0

My error logs show nothing at all. I haven't moved anything around.

I also get a 404 when I try to go to the URL (the job has never generated any data).


Is there a certain source location I need to install the scripts from? (do the files need to exist in a specific folder?)

Re: Scripts: Operations Manager Efficiency Dashboard

Storage efficiency plugin is not compatible with OnCommand 5.0