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Second Oncommand server

Hi All,


We have an existing oncommand server version 5.2R1 running on windows 2008. We want to install a second Oncommand server as a backup if the present goes down. Few questions I have:


1. Is this possible in the first place?

2. If yes, do we need two separate licenses?

3. Whats the process and things to be taken care of while installing a second server? (Any document available on netapp site would be helpful)

4. How do we keep data and configuration on this second server in sync with primary?

5. We dont want the new server to start audetecting something or cause trouble to the primary? Should we be worried on such unknowns?





Re: Second Oncommand server

Best way to do this is setup a server, and do a backup everynight and a dump database to a share or location that if there was a problem, you just restore the database and viola.. all done