Security aspects of OnCommand Insight


Do we have a document to address the security aspects of OnCommand Insight? Esp when we use autosupport to send the data back to NetApp. What data are being captured by OCI from the various devices etc.



Re: Security aspects of OnCommand Insight


For Auto Support security and uses, please reference the Installation and Administration Guide.  This is what OCI version 6.3.1 Installation and Administration Guide,, state on page 247

"The information is forwarded to NetApp using FTP, HTTPS, or e mail depending on your

configuration selections. The forwarded data contains minimal sensitive information. For example,

the files do not contain clear text passwords. Instead, the backup includes the hashed representation

of user passwords and is encrypted for device passwords."

The data breaks into two groups, Log Files and Database contents.

     There are three settings for log files: None (as the name implies), Basic and Extended Logs.  A key difference between Basic and Extended logs is Extended includes acquisition data source log files, commonly found in <SANscreen>\acq\log. 

     Database settings are No database backup, Assure and "Assure and Perform".  Assure is all data except for performance data.  This reduces the size of the data being sent.  "Assure and Perform" data includes all the data.

Auto Supports are only sent if they are configured.  If you want to change the settings please see the Installation and Administration Guide in the section following the link cited at the top.

Other security concerns regarding subjects like, versions of web servers used, etc... are in the release notes and depend upon the version.  If you have a question about a specific issue please open a case with NetApp Global Support.