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Selective execution of a row


is there any way to only execute a row if a certain parameter is true? I can do this in the enable field of each command but it would be much nicer to have an enable field for the full row as the use case demands that the flow is executed once (first row) and then optionally a second time (on a different controller, with different parameters, so row repetition is not really useful).




Re: Selective execution of a row

Hi Hendrik,

The answer to your question is "No" to my understanding.  The way you indicated is the only way (using the same variable in each commands "Enable" field).

That said, I still believe you can do what you want with a little creativity.  While it is not currently possible to use 'arrays' (a coding array of variables not the storage system) in the Repeat rows, it is possible to use functions.  The most useful one being splitByDelimiter().... if you're repeating a certain number of times, that is.  Here is a quick screenshot:


                   (proper credit goes to Jeremy Goodrum for this example)

Also, I believe something similar would be possible for multiple commands on a single row via the "Member in Group" type of Repeat:


I don't have a working example of this... i simply switched the "Repeats" type and added a finder.  But the same principal should apply, possibly using something along the lines of "GroupSize1 > 0", or something like that in the "Enable".  I honestly need to play around with that one myself.

Not sure if this helps, but I hope it does.



Re: Selective execution of a row

Thanks Kevin, very helpful! I really need to play around with the repeat feature a bit more...