Shelf firmware upgrade in cluster

We plan a AT-FCX shelf firmware upgrade from version 34 to 38

The environment is a cluster of FAS3050c - Ontap 7.2 (yes i know)

I would like to double check some things with what I read in the documentation:

"Do not use the nondisruptive method (that is, using the cf takeover and cf giveback commands) to update disk shelf firmware. Doing so will prevent access to data on disk shelves for a much longer period than using the storage download shelf command."

Does it mean no automatic takeover is needed nor it will initiate on its own on shelf timeout?

Process will go this way (correct me if i am wong):

      • download of file to location /etc/shelf_fw
      • priv set
      • storage download shelf        (to confirm press y)
      • (70 seconds timeout PER shelf + no automatic takeover initiating)
      • priv set
      • sysconfig -v

    Re: Shelf firmware upgrade in cluster

    Probably already answered

    Cluster failovers are not needed. And for SATA even in a cluster you will loose access to shelves.