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Sme Dataset: how to have different retention for database and snapinfo

I have created a snapmangerExchange dataset with "backup" protection policy.

On both primary and secondary there are 2 volumes (db and snapinfo)

In the SME backup wizard i'm able to choose only one retention type (daily i.e) for both db and snapinfo.

I woud like to have different retention in destination volumes (database and snapinfo) for reduce snapinfo snaps on secondary.

how can I do? Is it possible?

many thanks,



Re: Sme Dataset: how to have different retention for database and snapinfo


the retention you are selecting is setting the retention style for the SnapManager backup as it is registered within the DFM/OnCommand database.  If you were able to set the retention differently for portions of a single backup, then you could potentially enter into a condition where the SnapManager product integrated with DFM/OC could not perform a restore for the particular backup as portions of it would be missing.  I understand that only having the db could still be useful for a disaster recovery procedure where the data was restored manually, however this software is not designed for configuring such data retention. 

Re: Sme Dataset: how to have different retention for database and snapinfo

Hi Mauro,

     Only one setting can be applied for each of the following per dataset. Irrespective of howmany members the dataset contains. You can have different setting for member with a same dataset.

If that want you wish you should group them in a different dataset.

You can only have one setting for the following in a dataset for all its members.

  • 1 Local Backup Schedule
  • 1 Remote Backup Schedule
  • 1 Throttle
  • 1 Local Backup Retention
  • 1 Remote Backup Retention.
  • 1 Protection Policy

For example say you have 2 volume  in a dataset.

For these two volume you can only have 1 retention on primary and different retention on secondary. But within the primary you cant have different retention for 1 volume and another for the other volume.

Same way they will also have the same local and remote backup schedule. Though the schedule  time for local and remote backup can be different but with local backup you cant have different schedule for volume 1 and volume2.

Hope this helps.