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SnapMirror Resync Best practices

Hi Gurus,

i recently encountered a situation  that after failover  the resync  to  the primary was manual  event. This is my scenario  we are doing project to replace eva  with mc service gurard implementation  , now in stiutaion where  the client failover to the disaster recovery site start his production . what is the best approach  to resync back to the primary do you folks think that we can automate this what are the risk factors if so

i really appreciate any body who can pass on this experence , i thought putting the entries in the snapmirror.conf file  put i am not sure about risks considering that client would want to failback to to orginal disater recovery site.


Moncy varghese


Re: SnapMirror Resync Best practices

Moncy -

It is a manual operation to resync changes after recovery of the primary site, as is doing the 'snapmirror break' for failover.

These operations could be scripted.

There is some detail in the 'Data Protection Online Backup and Recovery Guide' portion of Data ONTAP documentation.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff
NetApp Instructor and Independent Consultant

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