SnapMirror failure alerting issue

I want to be able to setup email alerting when SnapMirror fails or lags beyond a certain time.

For example, I resized a SnapMirror source to add 500GB and didn't resize the SM dest., which causes it not to SnapMirror any longer.

I tried setting up alerting in the regular part of DFM Operations Mgr for all SnapMirror related warnings,

I edited policies in the Disaster Recovery section of DFM Opertaions Mgr for lag warnings of SM's that go beyond a certain time.

Everything I have done hasn't worked. I have tried asking NetApp, but they are clueless.

Does anyone have a solution for this that works?


Re: SnapMirror failure alerting issue

It is a multi-step process to set up alarms on events.

Before setting up alarms, it is worthwhile to check that the proper events generated.

DFM supports a number of snapmirror related events, including

SnapMirror Update: Failed

SnapMirror Nearly Out of Date

SnapMirror Out of Date

To check if DFM has previously generated these events, log in to the WebUI.

Go to ControlCenter->DisasterRecovery->Events. This will show if the events have

been generated. Based on what you've described, you should see a SnapMirror Update; Failed

event for the relationship where the source was grown.

The other part of the equation is to set up alarms for the events you are interested in.

This is done from ControlCenter->Setup->Alarms. On this page you select the events

and the user to recieve the alarm.

The setup process includes a test button to test that the alarm can be delivered to the recipients.

It is a good idea to use the test button.

If the test does not result in an email getting delivered to the recipients then the underlying mail service

may not be working correctly or the email address could have a typo.

This is for release 3.5 and newer.

Hope this helps.