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Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

Does lag_time Counter for Filers below measure snapmirror relationships ?



I am testing snapmirror relationship thresholds to be alerted through events on these in Operations Manager



Re: Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

I could not find documentation on these counters in NMC

Any documentation on these ?



Re: Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

Anyone know how to use those? I would like to use those to check the snapmirror relationship lag time using DFM (It could get those counter) but it seems that those are always empty and no data is returned. There's anything to configure at options level on Netapp to enable them or anyone know how to use them?

Data Ontap on the storage is 7.3.3P2


Re: Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

This doesn't exactly answer your question but I have been told that it is not possible to configure an alerting mechanism through DFM without BCO licensed ( Disater Recovery Manager and Backup Manager feature enabled) or Protection Manager licensed.


Someone in the post recommended that I look into setting up the traps (SNMP I'm assuming) from the filer itself but never provided the documentation they promised.  I personally have resorted to just checking them manually and am investigating the benefits of Performance manager (If anyone has any thoughts they'd like to share about this product I'd love to hear it).

This might explain why Operations Manager isn't collecting the information (f.duranti).  Hope this helps a bit...



P.S. If you do discover an alternative method of monitoring the lag times I'd be very interested in hearing about that as well...

Re: Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

i use snmp (not DFM) to monitor for snapmirrror lag,

ths oid for snapmirror lag (in my config is)

Re: Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

Thanks, I have FDM with BCO Licensed but I was searching a method to check the lag time (I was thinking it was only possible with Protection Manager configuring dataset but we cannot use them). Instead, searching more on the forum I've found that I can use the policy to setup the lag warning/alarm time with policies directly on DFM and this solved the problem.

Re: Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

Hi duranti

     Are you referring to this ?


If its something else can you post a link to the same.

The snapmirror lag and error  thresholds have to be changed in the dfdrm policy and not the dfm options.

Here is the steps to do it.

Go  to Ops-Mgr WebUI Disaster Recovery Tab and select the view as Volume  SnapMirror Relationsip and click on the Replication policy Column as  show in the pic replication.

This will open up the Edit policy page where you will find the options for lag warning and error threshold.

By default they are 1.5 days and 2 days respectively.



Re: Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

Hmmm... I assume it must be the BCO licensed portion which allows you to utilize that policy and the lag times.  If you could provide a link to the post(s) you described finding though it would be greatly appreciated!  Glad to hear you got it resolved though...

Adai - Any chance you could provide the SNMP information I asked for in the link I posted?



Re: Snapmirror Threshold Lag counters

What I did is what Adaikkappan Arumugam described. I didn't know that it could be defined directly on DFM web interface and I was thinking that it could be done only with protection manager (for which I don't have the licenses for all filer we have). What I did was to go on all "discovered" policy, rename and reconfigure the alerts on the one I need and put those policies on mirror relationship on the filers.

The policy will change the snapmirror.conf on filers so double check them to be use they're doing what you need.

They're the configuration you have on the snapmirror.conf file so here you configure not only warning and alert for lag but also schedules and options for snapmirror.

You can probably create as many policy as you want.

After this you can use the "snapmirror: almost out of date" and "snapmirror: out of date" alerts from the alerts configuration.