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System Fault Led is on (FAS 2240-2)


I have a new FAS 2240-2, the Controller A has 12x600 SAS (Same controller chassis), and Controller B has 12xTB SATA in a disk shelf DS4243. The disk shelf has multi path sas cable, and ACP enable.

The Data Ontap Version is: 8.1 RC2 , the problem is with the system fault led, is on always and the PCM fault led is on in both controllers, The system console show " The global statu's is normal". From Oncommand System Manager 2.0 all look fine, no alarms, and all are in green state.

What is the problem ? Any idea ?

Thaks to all for your help.


Re: System Fault Led is on (FAS 2240-2)


I've seen the exact same behavior on 3 FAS2240-2's as well.

Probably a 8.1RC2 bug.



Re: System Fault Led is on (FAS 2240-2)

Following these instructions provided by Netapp support has resolved this issue for me...

1.     One either filer head issue the command -   cli> cf disable

2.     Issue the following command on both heads – cli> halt –s

3.     Power down both heads first and then all shelfs

4.     Power on one shelf at a time waiting for the shelf to fully initialize before powering on the next shelf

5.     After all shelfs are powered on and initialized, power on one of the filer heads. (doesn’t matter which one)

6.     After it is powered on and initialized, power on the last filer head and let me know the results.

Re: System Fault Led is on (FAS 2240-2)

We opened a case on this.  We were told there will be a SP update that will fix this.  Unless you have the luxury of being able to reboot your controllers, just hang tight until the fix is released.

System Fault  Led is on (FAS 2240-2)

Hi Guys,

We opened a case for this issue. Support sent to me the 7-step process below to resolve the issue with the system fault LEDs:

1.  At the Data ONTAP CLI prompt, issue the “halt –s” command. Please note that this will cause an HA takeover in an HA configuration.

2.  Wait for the controller to shut down and power off.

3.  On the console port (not RSH, SSH, etc.), issue a “^G”(ctrl G)to switch the console to the SP.

4.     Log in to the SP.

5.  At the SP prompt, issue the “system power on” command.

6.  Issue a “^D”(ctrl D)to get back to the Data ONTAP console.

7.     Once the BIOS / Loader have booted, issue the boot_ontapcommand.

8. Issue Giveback after Takeover.

After following the 7-step process, the issue has been solved