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System Manager 2.0R1 issues

Hi everyone,

two things I have seen in the field, which I'd like to discuss:

1. System Manager 2.0R1 overwrites existing /etc/exports files of vFiler units when editing/saving a vFiler. Can anyone confirm this? If yes, then I guess this is a bug. e.g. you first setup a new vFiler (for NFS), then you change the /etc/exports of the vFiler manually from the admin host (that's what's usually done, right? A single admin host is normally not enough, just add or change some exports), and afterwards you "Edit" the vfiler in SystemManager (e.g. to add a new volume). Afterwards the /etc/exports file is overwritten with defaults. Exports are not preserved, just overwritten. So NFS clients suddenly fail to mount previously exported paths.... Just want to make sure I did not overlook some setting that prevents this...?.

2. Is there any way to administer a vFiler (manage shares, exports, luns, igroups, snapshots, options etc.) from the SystemManager GUI? I know there is Oncommand Core (provisioning manager, but it provides only partial administration of a vFiler. I know it was never possible with old-flavoured FilerView, and I also found no way to connect System Manager 2.0 to a vFiler unit directly... But many (most) of my customers want this. The main storage admin likes the CLI, but their "vFiler consumers" ask for a "SystemManager for vFilers"... Is this possible? planned?




Re: System Manager 2.0R1 issues

rle Netapp Alumni

Mark -

I can only answer question 2.  Currently System Manager 2.0R1 cannot manage a vFiler.  It has been discussed, but I don't know if it is on the road map.


   - Rick -

Re: System Manager 2.0R1 issues

Regarding question 1: We have seen the same behaviour (overwriting /vfiler_root/etc/exports) when editing the vlan-configuration of a vfiler using system manager.