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System Manager - Disable Volume Delete when Snapshot Copies is selected

In System manager the process of deleting a volume was made easier. I think that is a good thing and the simplification still has the appropriate check and balance.

During the beta I noticed when you were viewing the Snapshot copies you had a Delete button in the lower portion of the MMC not that far away from the Delete button for volumes.  Now, it is over Snapshots and one could argue if you are careful you will not have any problems.

When I started putting togher my customer documenation for SystemManger I felt it was important to make a note about ensuring you don't hit the wrong delete button when you mean to delete snapshots.

Well, yesterday I was cleaning up some things on my test controller in our lab.  I was deleting snapshots off of 8 volumes.  I was running down and when I got to the 5th volume I clicked the top delete button. I went ahead and checked the box and clicked the delete button and then, right then, I realized what I just did. Now from a distance the pop up for deleting volumes and snapshots are very similar.

I'm not going to say what I did wasn't stupid. I'm also not going to try and claim I was being as careful as I should have been.  I was on a test system after all.

However, after experiencing this I think there is a high likelihood we may have some customers make this same mistake.  I think NOT deleting a volume when you don't want to is such a critically important thing.  It will only take one time of a customer deleting a production volume by accident to spoil their entire impression of System Manager.

My suggestion is while you have the "Snapshots Copies" tab open you simply disable the top delete button. You can give a pop up that says you must navigate away from the Snapshot Copies tab.  Or you could even just gray out the top Delete button.

Please consider making some kind of a change.

Re: System Manager - Disable Volume Delete when Snapshot Copies is selected


I understand the problem that you mentioned, but a pop message will talk about Volume delete and alarm the user. I have raised a UI bug to address this issue in next release. Thanks for your information.



Re: System Manager - Disable Volume Delete when Snapshot Copies is selected

The reason for my long explanation was to explain why I don't believe the pop up message is enough and why more should be done.

I love System Manager and I think it is a huge improvement over FilerView.  Still, one thing with FilerView is deleting a volume accidentally was next to impossible because of the two separate steps and the fact when you were deleing other things like snapshots the process did not start anywhere near where volumes get deleted and thus there was no way to mix up the two.

I do really like the new process of deleting a volume.  I just think it isn't wise to have two delete buttons show up on the same screen for two different things.

Thank you for logging a UI bug.

Re: System Manager - Disable Volume Delete when Snapshot Copies is selected

Yes we do agree with your comments and our looking at various options, one option for example: where admin would have to type "Confirm" or "Delete" then only the delete icon is activated.

THis is on our top RFE/burts to be fixed for next release.