System Manager vFiler LUN Support

Hi -

Does System Manager 2.0R1 support viewing LUNS in vFiler-owned volumes?  If not, are there plans to add this functionality?

My customer wants to move to System Manager and have their multistore management in a single interface.  This is a big selling point for them because they can already manage their CIFS and NFS objects, but they have to turn to the CLI to manage vFiler LUNs with the existing Filerview interface.


Re: System Manager vFiler LUN Support

If I remember well vfiler unit management through System Manager 2.0R1 is not suported (you cannot add vfiler with the interface in 2.0R1).

In the beta adding vfiler was working really good and we are currently using it (with a config file generated in the beta) in 2.0R1 but we use it for quotas and qtree not for LUN.

I think you can add vfiler manually editing the config file but it's probably not supported, vfiler Management will really be a good new feature for the next version