System manager 2.0 R1

I have noticed that while making changes my fas6210's via System Manager that the rc file is being corrupted. Is anyone else having this issue?

System manager 2.0 R1

Hi ,

       Could you please let us know what were the operations you did through System Manager after which you observed the rc file being corrupted .Also could you please share the support bundle generated by System Manager 2.0R1 , this can be generated using the options Help---->Support Bundle---->Click here to generate file



Re: System manager 2.0 R1

Hi Vinay,

I was not able to generate the support bundle file for you. When I attempted to generate the file I received a 404 file not found error. From what I can tell the two times that the rc file has become corrupted is when I use system manager to reconfigure network interfaces. ( set IPs, create vlans/vifs, etc)

System manager 2.0 R1

Are you running the application as Administrator?

Can you please try running System Manager application as adminstrator and then generating the support bundle?



Re: System manager 2.0 R1


Thank you for your advice. I have included the support bundle.