Unable to get back deleted configuration

Hi team,

on my DFM server I accidently deleted some filer configuration files which I would like to get back.

The" dfm config add help" command shows the following note:

NOTE: In order to re-add a previouly deleted configuration

leave the data-location empty. Both -t and -v options are not

required and are ignored if specified.

Ex. dfm config add <deleted-configuration-name>.

Unfortunately it dows not work as expected:

C:\>dfm config list -a

ID   Config Name                              Config Type     Version     Deleted

---- ---------------------------------------- --------------- ----------- --------

2704 muccbc_cifs                              filer           8.0.1       Yes

2701 muccbc_ldap                              filer           8.0.1       Yes


C:\>dfm config add muccbc_cifs

Error: A deleted filer configuration named 'muccbc_cifs' already exists in the database.

Please use a different name, or remove the existing configuration from the database using

'dfm config delete -f muccbc_cifs'.


This looks like a BUG.

Anybody an idea how to work around this? Maybe a "hidden" command I can alter the fields "objDeleted" and "objDeletedBy" with?

[OnCommand 5.01D1 Win x64]

regards, Niels

Re: Unable to get back deleted configuration



Yes, its a bug. Please add your call_rec into the bug 566055.