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Unable to login to Filer via System Manager 2.0

After installing System manger, I'm unable to login to any of my filers running DOT 8.0.2P4

System Manager is running on a separate VLAN with a firewall separating it from the filers with the following ports opened in both directions:

SM client <=== https =====> Filer

SM client <=== http =====> Filer

SM client <=== SNMP =====> Filer

I'm able to discover the systems, but any attempts to login results in the following error:

     "Connection timed out while trying to login to this system... Do you want to skip or try again?"

I am able to ping this system and administer via Filerview from the System Manager client machine.  Any ideas what might be causing this before I blame it on the firewall administrator ?


Re: Unable to login to Filer via System Manager 2.0

Is HTTPS enabled on filer? options httpd.admin.ssl.enable and secureadmin to setup it (if not already done).