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Upgrade from 3.5 to 3.7


ONTAP version 7.2

I have an OM setup v 3.5 and I want to upgrade to 3.7 and at the same time move the database from the local machine to SAN storage. I thought this was going to be a straightforward process, but it hasn't seemed to work out that way.

1. The OM server has a coprorate network team, a SAN network team and a SVault network team.

2. In order to move the database to a LUN on the SAN I need to dissolve the SAN network team, install iSCSI/MPIO/SnapDrive and create a MPIO team (I've been told that NIC teaming is not supported by Microsoft over iSCSI).

3. I was going to map to a LUN I've created on one of my filers and then migrate the database to the LUN and then upgrade to 3.7

4. OM monitors 6 filers, events, SnapVaulst and SnapMirrors, etc.

My concern is the MPIO setup. If I was going to just map to a LUN on one filer I would establish the MPIO link to just the target filer. As I have OM monitoring 6 filers what impact is dissolving my NIC team and creating the MPIO team going to have on my monitoring?

has anyone got any experience of setting up MPIO/LUNs on an OM box.



Re: Upgrade from 3.5 to 3.7


Can you more details of this issue? What do you mean when you say "a coprorate network team, a SAN network team and a SVault network team"? Are they groups in Operations Manager? What was the issue in configuring the MPIO and moving the data to SAN LUN?