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Upgrading DFM

Hello All,

I wanted to upgrade my DFM version as its current version is 3.0.2 and can anyone tell how i can do this to latest version???



Re: Upgrading DFM


Check out "OnCommand Unified Manager Core Package" documentation. check out the documentation and upgrade instructions.

When you're ready both the "core package" and "host package" are available under the downloads section.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Re: Upgrading DFM

Just back-up the database, the start the upgrade.Upgrade is simple.

Like CCOLEMAN_ said, all you need to know is in the upgrade instructions.


Re: Upgrading DFM

To which version i can upgrade my DFM as i am using a older version 3.0.2 can i upgrade directly to 5.1 else first i need to upgrade to 4 then only i will be able to upgrade to next version . Please advise.