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Use Operations Manager to notify me of Snapmirror lag?

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I have approximately 90 qtree and volume snapmirror relationships in or around 23 filers.  I learned the power of reports withing Operations Manager to display the lag, but I need to take it to the next level.

Our friendly neighborhood auditor would like to see a mechanism where we are notified when a snapmirror either fails or lags too long.  Long before DFM/Operations Manager arrived, I set up all the snapmirror relationships manually.  DFM discovered all my snapmirrors, but it does not manage any of them.  Thus, no 2 SM relationships have the same policy (they're "Discovered Async 01-90").

From poking around the help file, I found where to config a lag threshold for each relationship, but I would like to set a global lag threshold.  The reason is if I forget to configure DFM after I configure a snapmirror relationship, I would like some form of a safety net to notify me of old/broken snapmirrors.

Where/How can I set the default sm lag threshold, and what alarm should I use to notify me?  I'd like to set the threshold for 18 hours (as all but 5-6 relationships are daily snapmirrors).  I'll add 2 screenshots to maybe lend a bit of clarity.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Use Operations Manager to notify me of Snapmirror lag?

I opened a ticket w/Netapp tech support.  They said that the documentation on what those default thresholds are set at isn't available to them.  I configured a report in OpsMgr to send me all snapmirror relationships, sorted by Lag time.  This is not ideal, but is a decent workaround.

Re: Use Operations Manager to notify me of Snapmirror lag?


We used to have "snapmirrorlagerrorthreshold" and "snapmirrorlagwarningthreshold" as the global options in Operations Manager but at some point of time they disapperared. I don't have the exact reasons for the engineers to abandon these useful options . However, If you have set the lag through BCO then you can try using the Operations Manager's alarms to trigger email/pager based notifications for the following events:

SnapMirror: Nearly Out Of Date

SnapMirror: Out Of Date

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