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User Authorization

Hi, I'm just starting to do some tests and a question come to my mind related to user authorization.

There's any way to create different users that will only have access to specific workflow?

It would be nice to have a way to configure security of single workflow so that we can do something like this:

1) helpdesk users will be able only to run Workflow related to quota management

2) SAP/Oracle DBA will be able to run workflow related to volume creation/clone for database

3) system admins will have access to workflow for DR tasks

It would be nice if every workflow (or category) could have it's own security.

For example assigning roles to workflow (also more then one) and then being able to assign users to roles. In this way it will be possible to have users accessing more then one role or workflow that can be accessed by more then one role.

A more simpler way to do it can be to have multiple Execution Portal, users bound to them and workflow assigned to those different portal.

There will be any change in the security planned?



Re: User Authorization

Hi Francesco,

Yes, there are more granular levels of security planned for WFA 1.1 which is due out in a couple of months (Q1CY12).  You hit on it quickly when mentioning security for categories.  With WFA 1.1 you can restrict a category to be available only to specific Operators.  How Categories work in WFA 1.1 is changing in order to specifically to enable this type of security.  You can have generally available categories, or "locked-down" categories in the manner that meets your needs.

I hope this helps to answer your question.


Re: User Authorization

It will really be a nice implementation

Thanks for the answer.... it seems 1.1 will really be a nice milestone release of WFA with many new functions