User Migration gotchas


One for my forthcoming projects is to move homedirs onto NetApp. Have anybody got any experience with this

and can recommend a procedure/approach or any other useful info?

I believe robocopy is the way forward, someone said it was easy, I have never used it but he is likely to be right.

Any info with regards to this would be helpful. I have no information of any sort to provide as of yet, ie. is it AD or not, which

flavor of windows (I know some NT4 is floating around but think its only apps.. ).


Re: User Migration gotchas

Robocopy is extremely straightforwad (as already said) & free to use -

For something big & complex you may consider VFM ME (Migration Edition):


Re: User Migration gotchas

Lot of Data Migration documentation, Tools, Best Practices and Methodology along with use case documents are available under HDM-NAS practice pages as below

In the essence, robocopy and securecopy are the best tools. Robocopy is free, securecopy is licensed.