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Using WFA for setup a new Storage Controller cDot



we are rolling out ne storage systems quite often. There we have a lot of similar things to configure. We had in mind to use powershell for the setup, but maybe WFA is a smarter way.

We want to start running a workflow as the cluster is created and reachable with an cluster-management LIF. Hardware setup is finished.


There are some task to do:

- create IFgrps for data PORTs

- add VLANs

-Change MTU and FLow controll of network Ports

- create failover groups prior 8.3

- setup ASUP

- assign disks to special pattern shelfs by half of the disks to one node and other to second (so no disk autoassign)

- create aggregate

- setuo a test SVM

- setup Remote support agent ( https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1368469/html/GUID-9040D561-CA44-4849-8A45-9C2D1BB0D38F.html)

- add DNS server

- add time server

- and more thing.




So my question, has somebody already done this, jsut to have some inspirations. It qould be great to share a workflow.


Many thanks best wishes,




Re: Using WFA for setup a new Storage Controller cDot