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Using the Dictionary with the Playground Database

Let's say I want to put tenant information in the playground database.  One of the pieces of information is the vserver that the tenant is associated with.  I realize that I can use the information inside the playground database in filters, but can I map a custom dictionary item to it?  I know that I can map custom dictionary items to a data source, but I don't see how to map custom dictionary items to playground database objects.

I'm thinking that if I can get a custom dictionary item, I can create a command that pulls tenant information from the playground database and use it as a reference object that is passed to the next command similar to 'volume' in the create volume command.


   - Rick -

Re: Using the Dictionary with the Playground Database

Rick, as we discussed offline. Summarizing it here.

You can create a custom dictionary entry.

You can create a command, where you can reference the custom dictionary entry.

In the workflow, where this command is used, to create the object.

This object can be passed to the next command.