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VM Backups with cDOT and Oncommand

I've been starting to configure Oncommand 5.2 (with the Host Package) to perform VM backups for my vSphere environment. 

We have started to move some VM's over to our new cDOT systems, and I just discovered that the Host package is for 7-mode systems only.

It's not immediately obvious to me...what is the currently supported software combination to perform VM backups with cDOT?  I would like something akin to the restore capabilities in the Host package.


Re: VM Backups with cDOT and Oncommand

During my last gig as a customer I utilized VSC for all my cDOT-based VM backup & recovery needs. You might want to give it a look to see if it will meet your requirements.


Re: VM Backups with cDOT and Oncommand

Heh, I'm back on the customer side of the fence again for this gig

We have VSC in place in a test setup.  My experience has been that it frequently runs into what appear to be random java errors, usually right when one of the more junior guys needs to do something simple.  What I liked about the Host services stuff was it was reliable...I never had a report of anything not doing what it was supposed to do.

With the horrible state of Java right now, in the name of security it's damn near impossible to get anything java-based working consistently, I'm trying to avoid such solutions.

I'm hoping that either Host services will be available for cDOT Oncommand setups soon, but now that the latest release is a virtual appliance I'm not sure what the direction is.  Thought it might have something to do with the Workflow Automation tool.

Re: VM Backups with cDOT and Oncommand

The Host Package was announced as EOA on 12/23/2013.  There will not be a cDOT version of it.




Re: VM Backups with cDOT and Oncommand

Thanks Kevin, appreciate that.

Hmm.  Ok, I guess I'll have to re-consider VSC