VMWare and Host Services

For Host Services in OnCommand does the Host Service package need to be physically installed on the VMWare vCenter server?  Right now I have the SVC on vCenter and host services installed on the OnCommand management server and I was able to pull in details about our VMWare environment.

I am confused about where exactly the host services package needs to be installed.

Re: VMWare and Host Services


The OnCommand Host Service 1.1 is not required to be installed on the VMware vCenter server - that's just a logical place for it.  You can install the Host Service package on the OnCommand 5.x management server or on a tertiary server so long as you meet the system requirements and have the appropriate network connectivity.

Re: VMWare and Host Services

Thanks!  I have host services installed on my OnCommand 5.X server and I have my lab VMWare showing up in OnCommand now.   I don't seem to be able to add another Vcenter server though.  I can i only manager one Vcenter per host service installation?  I'm new to this and have been reading a lot but there is a lot of information out there and so many different utilities it is confusing, sorry for my ignorance.