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Vaulting VMware Dataset in a common destination volume

Hi folks,

I'm trying to setup a backup policy that would let me vault my NFS datastores to a common volume in the destination FAS2040 so that I benefit of better deduplication.

After googling for a while, it looks like I should be able to setup snapvault relations manually, then import them into management console. I can do that for an empty dataset, but then I cannot setup VMware objects (because it is switched to Physical type), and vice-versa, If I create a vmware dataset first, then the relationship import wizard does not display that dataset as a valid destination

The only solution I found is to customize the dataset to set a static volume name in naming options, and set DFM as seen in :

dfm option set dpMaxFanInRatio=4

Which is clearly not the best way to do it, I guess.

Any advice on the matter is welcome !

Re: Vaulting VMware Dataset in a common destination volume


OnCommand doesn't provide support to import relationship to Virtual Dataset.