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Vfiler DR (controlled and disaster failover) WFA workflow desired

I have a request to create a workflow that allows controlled and disaster failover of a vfiler. 

For a controlled failover it would:

1) Ensure DR vfiler volume list is same as source vfiler and all are in snapmirrored state

2) Stop source vfiler

3) Update volume snapmirror to DR

4) Activate DR vfiler

5) Resync vfiler DR to allow failback

For a disaster failover it would be some subset of the above, so I'd either disable some actions or perhaps have multiple workflows to allow the steps to be executed at different points in time.

Does anyone have anything to share?



P.S. I already did a bit of homework on this problem and although above are the basic steps I have a much longer list of things it needs to do (quotas need to be enabled again, IP addresses don't always get bound to interfaces correctly, snapmirror schedule gets set to every 3 minutes and needs to be reset, extra snapmirror snapshots need to be deleted, snapmirror release needs to be run) but for now I thought I'd keep my request simple. :-)


Re: Vfiler DR (controlled and disaster failover) WFA workflow desired


I have a customer asking for the same workflow.  Has there been any progress on creating these workflows?



Re: Vfiler DR (controlled and disaster failover) WFA workflow desired

I am not sure if this has been built by anyone but all-in-all it should be pretty straight forward.  The only two commands that I would think that you need to create at specifically for DR and Resync.  There are available cmdlets.  Is it possible to do this... absolutely.  I am not sure if there is a community shared version.



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Re: Vfiler DR (controlled and disaster failover) WFA workflow desired

sorry for the reply to this old posr. but i am looking for somthing similare.

we have a Vfiler running CIFS shares that we would like to have failover/failback with Vmware SRM - and using the powershell toolkit seems a good way todo this.

So far i can get it to failvoer using the following



but i cant for the life of me get the invoke-navfilerdrresync to work. I have managed to get the cmlet to compelte once, but my Vfiler in DR no things it is not a DR vfiler, and the Vfiler in Prod thinks it is a DR vfiler - except the snapmirror relations ship is point to it self (trying to replicate from it self) - i assume i missed a step, or got the options wrong in the cmdlet.

Anyone able to help?


Re: Vfiler DR (controlled and disaster failover) WFA workflow desired

Hi Robin,

The direction changed in my project and due to non technical reasons automating using WFA was abandoned.  It is surely possible to create something in WFA but perhaps the NMC vFiler plugin might be even easier option?

See here: https://communities.netapp.com/docs/DOC-12285