Vmware vcenter operations 5 and oncommand

Hi, I don't know if this is the better place to ask for this but being the on command the base monitoring solution for NetApp storage I'll try here Smiley Happy

Anyone is planning some way to export performance and alerting data for NetApp storage to VMware vcenter operations?

It would be a nice addition to be able to have VMware and storage events/performance on the same console.


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Looks pretty interesting idea.

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It should be not too much difficult too. Vcenter operations has a HTTP Post connector that is able to receive data via an HTTP post.

All that is needed is to have something extracting data from dfm (or storage but dfm seems the right choice) and send them formatted to vcops.

Re: Vmware vcenter operations 5 and oncommand

If you have the Enterprise edition of vCOps then there is a specific adapter for use with Netapps (possibly an additional cost for the adapter). I've not done so myself (vCOps Enterprise is pretty expensive) but it's definitively a interesting idea applying the dynamic thresholds of vCOps with Netapp metrics. This list of enterprise adapters for vCOps is possibly for an earlier release (v5 was released in Jan 2012) but the adapters themselves may not have changed.

If you go down this route post back and let us know what you think!