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Volume AutoSize Report

Whenever there is volume resize ,autogrow ,is there a way to capture this information for a report

I dont see this in OM ,can capture events info from events-history

Can this info be captured through API


Re: Volume AutoSize Report

for Volume Growth Rate Abnormal

we can capture the old size and new size of the volume

Can this be done for autosize as well ,

Re: Volume AutoSize Report

Volume auto grow is trap from filer so we have no info like the growth rate abnormal, which is calculated by DFM based on history usage of the volume.



Re: Volume AutoSize Report

Yes, there is only events and no information that is captured in the reports.

AFAIK not possible with the API. As what you are looking for is a histroy info of how many times the volume was grown or some thing of that sort if I understand correctly.

This info has to be captured in dfm like the volume graphs which have history.

Did you check the volume total vs used capacity graph ? That might help as it might show the volume size.


Re: Volume AutoSize Report

Is it possible to query the volume usage history by date

If using dfm api

Re: Volume AutoSize Report

Thanks Adai ,

Customer is looking for OM to report for every autosize

How many times it was grown and last size to track volumes

we already looked into volume growth report ,but they are looking for the above information

Maybe this could be added to features requested.

Re: Volume AutoSize Report

Note that Volume Autosize setting values of a particular volume gets collected by Operations Manager(OM) as part of Disk Free Space Monitoring, which has a default value being set as 30 minutes. Meaning after every 30min only OM is going to get the latest values(if there were any changes) and there is no trigger being caught by OM from anyone when there is autosizing happening for a particular volume.

>>Customer is looking for OM to report for every autosize

>>How  many times it was grown and last size to track volumes

     Both of these needs to be indicated as new requirements to Operations manager future releases.

Re: Volume AutoSize Report

I have been having the same issue here and have ended up creating a powershell script to resolve the issue.  We use SNMP to alert OM of autogrow events, which then alerts the admin team via email.  We then run the powershell script to scope the issue.

Details of the script here:


Hope it helps