Volume Performance Data



I need to see historical performance stats for specific volumes. With the OCUM I can see them per graphs but I cannot export them. Is there way to export historical performance data for volumes?




Re: Volume Performance Data



It depends on what you need. If you are content with the past 3 days of data (i.e. 72 hours), Unified Manager GUI can help you.


Just login to Unified Manager, navigate to "Performance" tab on the left hand side, click on Volumes; you will be presented with basic performance stats (Latency, IOPS, MBps, Free capacity, Total Capacity, Cluster, node, SVM, Aggregare etc.) of volumes (for the past 72 hours). You can also export the data in CSV format.



But if you need performance data for longer duration, you need to write an SQL query for the UM DB to respond.