WFA 2.1 Beta?

Are we running a beta program? I would like to install in my lab to explore functionality with OC6.0

Re: WFA 2.1 Beta?

Beta program is already closed. Will send your a mail and discuss with you.


Re: WFA 2.1 Beta?

hi Abhi,

i am from NetApp-IT, where can i beta build?

Re: WFA 2.1 Beta?

You should be able to download the 2.1RC1 from support site tomorrow.....



Re: WFA 2.1 Beta?

Thanks Adai.


Re: WFA 2.1 Beta?

Hi Pridhvi,

Can you please contact my offline at to understand your interest?  I've had a few side conversations with other folks from NetApp IT management, and would like to understand or differentiate the various interests.