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WFA 4.0 command definition parameter for "IdentityPreserveVserverID"

i am trying to modify the snapmirror create workflow to include the argument to set the identity to true for SVM DR Peering

how do i discover the modified step that i created to add into my parameters - or better yet does this already exist??

i want the "snapmirror create" command to set the following "-identity-preserve true"


Re: WFA 4.0 command definition parameter for "IdentityPreserveVserverID"

Check out the following pack in the automation store. I use parts of the pack for my SVM-DR automation.




Re: WFA 4.0 command definition parameter for "IdentityPreserveVserverID"

Yes, the above mentioned pack should help you. The "identity-preserve" is provided as IDPreserve prameter in the command. After importing this pack, use command "Create Storage Virtual Machine SnapMirror" in your workflow.

Re: WFA 4.0 command definition parameter for "IdentityPreserveVserverID"

thank you thi was very much helpful as well - Now i am at the next newbie question:

i have added Create Storage Virtual Machine Snapmirror into my "clone" of snapmirror  (and removed create relationship)

but i dont know how to tell the new command to become part of the "flow" - i will look at the video tutorials again asap - thanks again!