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WFA License


Does licensing is required for WFA.

Will it work with V-series



Re: WFA License

Hi Sundar,

@ Does licensing is required for WFA.


WFA2.0 onwards doesn't need any license.

@ Will it work with V-series


Well, as of WFA2.1, V-series support is not officially claimed. So this experimentation is entirely left to you. V-series isn't too much different from FAS. So who knows, It might just work.

warm regards,


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Re: WFA License

Thanks sinhaa,

Let me try to create workflows in Vseries.



Re: WFA License

Hi Sinhaa & Sundar,

I wanted to chime in quickly on this.  Sinhaa's answer is correct.  While there has been no testing on V-series, it will work... and we need to work on the officially supported statements internally.  All of the same core ONTAP goodness (7-mode or clustered Data ONTAP) work the same, so that means our 7-mode and clustered ONTAP workflows and commands will work on the Vseries systems just fine. 

Sundar, please let us know how your testing goes.




Re: WFA License

Hi kevin,

Me and Sundar tested the "Create Volume" Command on V-Series and it worked fine.

We are looking forward to create more workflows on V-series.

Would like suggestions on this.



Re: WFA License

Hi Anil,

There is really only one major difference between a FAS system and a V-Series system, and that is that the V-Series systems can support non-NetApp storage (based on what's qualified in the Interoperability Matrix).  This might make certain things you do on the back-end (with the disks) slightly different, but from any other actions you would want to perform, it would be exactly the same as a FAS system.  Meaning all workflows currently existing in WFA will work both on FAS and V-series.

Hope this helps,



Re: WFA License

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for clearing that.


If all the workflows we have can be used for V-Series, then why do we not officially claim support for V-Series?

Re: WFA License

Hello Anil

Abhishek had replied with context of WFA 2.1. 

WFA 2.2 which should be release soon has V-Series qualified




Re: WFA License


Thank you