WFA Logo

Hi all,

Is there an "official" WFA logo? We had a joint presentation with Cisco that included WFA. The presenter from Cisco requested a WFA logo.

I did not find one and created the following.

Hope you like it.


WFA Logo

Hi Christoph,

We do not have an official logo and I think your proposal is a great one (do you have past experience as a graphic designer?...).

You can definitely use this logo and we can have it as the unofficial logo for WFA..



WFA Logo

Hi Christoph,

To add to what Roy said, I also think this is great, and it's also pretty good timing.  I'm working with some of the Marketing folks about WFA.  The dicussions have been more centered around documentation, presentations, and webpages than on a WFA Logo, but I will definitly mention the need, your proposed logo and your initiative.

Great stuff!



Re: WFA Logo

it's just a 5 minute effort, but it did its job. Here the PPT version of it.

pwl Netapp Alumni

Re: WFA Logo

i think the branding people will have a heart attack when they seen the "n" used that way