WFA Server Account Rights

I'm trying to setup my WFA server to use a domain account to run the WFA service and then to actually use the same account to make the changes on the filers.

In theory start the WFA Server service with the domain account, however I find that although it starts, I cannot access the Web portal. As a work around, I found that by adding the account into the Server local admin group, this then solves the problem.

So my real question is, is what is the minimum rights that the account needs to the windows server?

Running Windows Server 2008 R2 standard.



Re: WFA Server Account Rights

Hi Tony,

The user that runs the WFA service should be a local admin on that machine.

You can setup access to the filer for that domain user, just make sure that SSH and all the APIs ("api-*" )

are enabled and available for that user.


Yaron H.

WFA team

Re: WFA Server Account Rights

Hi Yaron

Was hoping to limit it a bit, but so be it.