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WFA cache

Is there a way to reset the WFA cache?  I'm having a problem where some volumes are still in my WFA cache, even though they don't exist in the DFM instance that I'm acquiring from.  I've rerun the acquisition, but the volumes still show up in the WFA cache, which prevents my workflow from running because it doesn't try to create volumes which it thinks already exist.  Any ideas?  Thanks!


Re: WFA cache

Just go to Datasources and select the correct server.  Edit and Select the Cache Group.  Click the button for Reset and then Save.  Run 'Acquire Now'

Re: WFA cache

Awesome, thanks for the quick reply.  Am I the only one who has had this problem, or is this a known issue that the WFA cache sometimes gets out of sync with what DFM is giving it?  Or am I misunderstanding something about how the WFA cache works?  I've been testing some workflows many times with the exact same vfiler/volume names, and I've not had a problem until today.  Thanks!

Re: WFA cache

I have had issues where something is deleted in DFM but my update doesn't clear it out.  This is very rare though.  Most of the time, the problem is almost always with DFM not deleting the objects though they are gone on the controller.  My habit is to manually delete the objects in DFM after I clean up the Array.  I would then either run 'Acquire Now' on WFA or let the normal schedule run.  Just double check your DFM server and ensure that the objects are deleted. 

Re: WFA cache

Check that the datasource is still acquiring successfully... it should be successful

I've seen it fail a couple of times - usually because I've been playing with DFM services (my fault not WFA's)

Note it will break if you upgrade to OC5 as you'll need to run the setup script (should be detailed on these forums)