Where are SANscreen doc?


I wanted to download SANscreen documents. So I logged into NOW and went to product documents section. When the completed, I saw that all documents name are prefix by "oci_".

Is there any change in documents of SANscreen? I mean are they available with OCI name.

If yes, how about the different modules which were there in previous version like Application Insight, Service Assurance, VMInsight etc? New 6.2 version have document layout based on inventory, performance, planning etc.


Sunil Yadav

Where are SANscreen doc?

VMInsight no longer exists as a module - the discovery of the host Virtualization layer is now part of the discovery foundation.

The VM performance layer is now part of Perform

Application Insight for Switches and Application Insight for Array Performance are now both part of Perform.

Service Assurance has been rebranded Assure

Capacity Manager has been rebranded Plan