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Where can I find DFM triggered Autosupports

Hi all,

a customer configured the Autosupport settings in DFM and now wants to check if the ASUPs have been arrived at NetApp.

He checked "my Autosupport" but cannot find the DFM server as a ASUP source. They checked their SMTP relay and found out, that the message was sent successful.

Now the question is, where these Autosupports can be found ?

Can anyone help me out with this ?




Re: Where can I find DFM triggered Autosupports

Hi Thorsten,

autosupport.mailhost         smtpserver
autosupport.support.to       autosupport@netapp.com
autosupport.support.transport smtp
autosupport.to               "customer puts his email here"

As you can see from above, the customer can put his own email in as receiver and run a test. its also important that the transport method is SMTP.

My autosupport will nto show the DFM server, but it will show autosupports received by netapp. Also, if you trigger an autosupport like this:

options autosupport.doit "test"

You should in theory receive and email from NetApp stating they have received a TEST autosupport acknowledging it.



Re: Where can I find DFM triggered Autosupports

Hi Thorsten,

Unfortunately, My AutoSupport does not display AutoSupports from the DFM suite of management software products, so customers cannot use My AutoSupport to verify receipt of the DFM AutoSupport message.

The customer can contact their NetApp representative (or tech support) to request receipt verification using internal access methods.

The DFM FAQ's include AutoSupport topics.


Choose the appropriate release link, and look for the AutoSupport category in the resulting FAQ.

For instance, this question is relevant:

20.3 Can I test the autosupport feature to see what it will send back to NetApp?

Yes. You can have an autosupport sent to yourself by e-mail by running the following command:

$ dfm autosupport send -e <your-e-mail-address@your-domain.com> -p smtp