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Workflow Automation (WFA) - Release 1.0 is available !

Hello all,

I am happy to announce that version 1.0 of the Workflow Automation platform (WFA) is currently available.

Release 1.0 builds upon release 0.8 and offers:

  • Formally released and approved as per NetApp release process
  • Revised cache model, allowing to add/modify cache objects at ease
  • Inclusion of "Certified" content, Additional certified content "out-of-the-box"
  • On-line documentation generation of parts and components
  • Right click menu support throughout the application
  • Easier editing of Find Charts using the right click (Insert, copy and paste nodes)
  • Improved presentation of planning/preview results
  • Auto Support mechanism
  • LDAP support
  • Inclusion of web based log viewer

Version download

License file

Will be supplied on demand. Please contact me for a license if you haven't got one already.


The following documents were updated and are available at the Workflow Automation community document section

(At http://communities.netapp.com/community/interfaces_and_tools/wfa?view=documents):

  • System requirements
  • Installation document (ver 1.3)
  • Web services primer (ver 1.4)
  • Support and Troubleshooting guide (ver 1.1)


We will host a version review Webex to update on this version new features (Separate announcement will be posted in training discussion).

Feel free to join at your convenience.

We appreciate your opinion and feedback - Feel free to get in touch on any topic.

Best regards,

Yaron Haimsohn  

Workflow Automation team        


Workflow Automation (WFA) - Release 1.0 is available !

pwl Netapp Alumni

Does this need a fresh DB ?

Workflow Automation (WFA) - Release 1.0 is available !

Hi Peter,

Release 1.0 comes loaded with certified content, including a sample workflow and a template policy sample.

It will encompass everything that came with 0.8 clean database, so you can deploy 1.0 and start using it immediately.

You can also restore a 0.8 backup on 1.0, but if you would check "upgrade pre-canned content" you may have to make

some adjustments to the workflows created in 0.8.

I hope that helps,


Re: Workflow Automation (WFA) - Release 1.0 is available !

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